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Firstname: Michelle
Middlename (Nickname): BniceBfairBwise2Shineon
Lastname: Ann Ra
Birth: 19.07.1981
Country: US
City: Lancaster
Relationship Status: Single
About me: Mother of 3, born in Texas raised in Antelope Valley. I"m of the Ramos family. I was married and devoreced, no longer considerd part of the Summers family, only connected by my 2 children. I do still go by Summers. I do beleive in telling just the truth in which it does make my life hard so i"ve rather stay out of what can get me introuble and that ment to be anti social but I do miss being around those ythat knew me. the Aikman Family is a part of me as well do to having a child with one of their sons in which I want nothing to do with, "EVER!!!" I"m good with the rest of the family though. I"m highly spiritual and have high morals. I beleive in bringing families together not terring them apart. Unity is my goal to helping the world be a better place as it is our home and we all are bound to share it. I don"t believe in gosip among the people where it may possibly ruin their name or what they stand for, so I expect the same back. I worked hard on being fearless for my own servival to go about life and having someone out there finding ways to ruin me to make me enemies is just cowardly thing to do, and is just so wrong. I have never had any enemies throughout my life, but there are problems between myself and my youngest childs father where I beleive was gaining me enemies I don"t even know or they don"t know me to well. working on that matter is not of any importance to me what is most important is my children and being reunited as family again. I have had them taken from me on terms that were to satisfy those that don"t see them as important as they are to me. They have never been neglected nor abused by me, just smothered with love and high concerns of their safety. I"m a very over protective kind of mother so for them to be taken from my care made my life completely meaningless and defeated the purpose of my life all together. The alogations should have all been seen as hear say and/or seen to be corrected while in my care do to having us split up in the proccess had been detrimental to all of us and we"ve always supported each other, myself and my children, we were strongest together.

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Michelle Ann Ra BniceBfairBwise2Shineon
Michelle Ann Ra BniceBfairBwise2Shineon
Michelle Ann Ra BniceBfairBwise2Shineon
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